Thursday 5/12/11



Hanging Power Snatch

Compare to 4/21/11

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Mike T said...

CFD Friends,
If any of you knows of or are looking for a roommate or have a room for rent in the Columbia or Laurel area please let me know because I am looking for a place. I keep a tighty ship but I am NO Navy man.

T said...

These dudes are nuts...

Talk about some serious body weight strength!

Evan said...

7:00 am

Cain 115
Vinu 105 - Box Pull
Ken 95
Teresa 85

Teresa said...


Evan said...

Sorry for the Data Disappearance Gang!

Blogger was taken offline for several hours yesterday, and then reset to an earlier 'save point'
Much data was lost :(
Here are the numbers to the best of my recollection.


Cain 115?
Vinu 105? (Box Pull)
Ken 95?
Teresa 85?

Evan said...

5 pm
Matt 125# (135x3)
Andrianna 55# (60x3)
Ben 65? or 70?

6 pm
Jamison 105#
Jesse S 77.5#

7 pm
Mark 105#
Mike T 80# PR
Kim 50# (55x3)
Katherine 35#

Steve H said...

Steve - 130#