Tuesday 3/29/11



Thruster 3-3-3-3-3-3-3

Rob Orlando 245lbs, Brandon Pastorek 110kg.

Compare to 12/14/10

Post loads to comments.


Evan said...

7:00 am

Cain 185 PR
Ken 130

Mandi said...

Steve H 195 PR (205x1)
Jesse W 185 (192x2)
Jason G 185
Dan 154 (#20PR)

Rachel 90
Meghan 85
Andriana 75 (80x2)
Alexa 65
Jay 65
Shannon 65

Mandi said...


T 215
Kassim 195
Bobby 155 (165x2)
Mike S 160
Jason H 145
Chris 135
Mike T 135

Hoi Yee 90 (95x1)

T said...

V 145 (155x1)

Dan Hook said...

Dan 145

For those of you who went to the Olympic weightlifting cert last summer, one of the athletes there was Ian Nigh (his name tag is still on a PVC pipe). The Crossfit games website recently had a video about his attempt to start an affiliate in Japan, and how that was affected by recent natural disasters.

Mandi said...

cool....sweet post Dan.

lindsaygirl said...

Lindsay 80 (not sure if that's a PR or not... but i'll take it after coming back from a meniscal tear)

Mandi said...

LINDSAY!!!! hey girl. how are you? What did you do to your meniscus?