Thursday 12/09/10



10 Rounds for Time:

3 Push Press
1 Rope Climb

(Post load & time to comments)

Welcome Whitney as part of the CFD coaching staff!

Tough Mudder registration information!
Team Name:
CrossFit Diesel

Team Password:

Found a $20 off coupon code:


T said...

Hoi Yee and I are registered for the Toughmudder, thanks for the coupon find!!

T said...

Also, couldn't find a way to choose what time when we registered... it just let us register for saturday, did registering with the team register everyone for the same time slot?

Evan said...

Hmm ... That could be Tyler, I'll email them.

whitney said...

Haha look at that face! I need to work on facial expressions while I WOD!

RachelRose said...

Go Whitney! Awesome new coach :) Your expression is priceless.

Sujata said...

Look forward to being coached by Whitney!! Can I also get a hoodie in Medium? Sorry I've been out the last week or so - sick and tomorrow I get on a loong plane ride (13 hours and then 6 hours) to Asia right up until Christmas so happy holidays to everyone at CFD!

Mandi said...

Jason G. 5:50 (#115)
Dan 5:52 (#85)
Jamison 7:30 (#95)
Steve H. 9:22 (#105)
Teresa 10:27 (#85)
T 10:45 (#115)
Susan 11:32 (#75)

Black 10:02 (#65, rope scale)
Jason C. 11:10 (#75, rope scale)
Leslie 11:24 (#65, rope scale)
Steve S. 11:29 (#105, 1 full climb, rope scale)
Deb 11:32 (#45, rope scale)
Audrey 11:41 (#65, rope climb & rope scale)
Ken 11:50 (#105, rope scale)
Rachel 12:18 (#65, rope scale)
Jesse S. 12:49 (#65, rope climb & rope scale)
Gino 13:10 (#65, rope scale)
Kim 13:44 (#45, rope climb & rope scale)
Mike T. 13:54 (#65, rope scale)
Chris 14:00 (#75, rope scale)
Cain 17:50 (#85, rope climb & rope scale)

Kassim 14:12 (#75, light green)

Sarah said...

I wanted to come tonight- I love rope. But I got hung up at work :-(

I'd like a hoodie in small, black.

Teresa said...

Wow, the guys killed this one. Nice job!