Saturday 12/4/10



3 rounds for time

400 meter run
21 Thrusters (#45/#33)
12 Burpees (yay burpees!)

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Best Lifter at the 2010 MD Powerlifting Competition
is our very own Susan! Way to Go!

And here is a link to the WILKS Formula,
Which is used to determine the best lifter in Competition


RachelRose said...

Did anyone else find that about 6 months into becoming a CrossFitter their metabolism started to feel crazy high? I come home from these lifts ravenous. I could literally eat a horse!! And I am getting hungry every hour of the day this past week (no, I am not preggo!!!) and I am eating normally and drinking lots of water. Well, whatever is happening I like it. I made a new rule last week- any day I PR is a day I can eat CHOCOLATE! I have eaten a lot of delicious chocolate this week...

Dan Hook said...

I had to start eating more long before the 6 month point, but I'm a special case diet wise.

Evan said...

That is great to hear Rachel! You've been hitting a lot of PRs and your body is needing to fuel your ever increasing athletic performance. More performance = more fuel demand = more energy to perform better = PR = new PR = ANOTHER PR ... etc.

Great Job!

RachelRose said...

Thank you Evan! Some days I feel like a super-woman, or super-powered woman. And it's thanks to CrossFit!!!