Friday 12/3/10



Back Squat


Compare to 10/27/10

Congratlations Susan!
Top Lifter at the 2010 Maryland State Powerlifting Championships!

Note: the actual trophy is different, this is just what I could find on the internet
... but the sentiment is still the same.

(Diesel Chicks Powerlifting Kick Butt!)


Cain said...

There is an article in the CrossFit Journal about keeping a workout journal. The author states: "Show me a better journal; I’ll show you a better CrossFitter." The article is called "The Crucible".
It is for subscribers only, if you don't have a subscription what are you waiting for? It's 25$ a year for articles and HD videos about how to be a better CrossFitter.

Unknown said...

May he, and his products, rest in peace. It's too soon J, I'm still too emotional over his passing. Between him and Michael Jackson being gone, I find it hard to be inspired in life. All of this on top of having lost Johnny Cash just under a decade ago, are there no giants left?

Cain said...

I don't care about anything but these talking cats...they take the pain away.

Unknown said...

Cats are stupid. Patty cake is delicious.

Unknown said...

Well, my real feelings are that cats are worthless, not necessarily stupid. Although Cain's cat, Kitty, is pretty stupid. Secondly, have you ever made Patty Cake? Throw some vanilla frosting on there and it's delicious. It's also Zone, Paleo, 4 Hour Body, South Beach, and a Super Food!

Unknown said...

Exhibit A:

That cat is dumber than Rain Man. And he was a ritard.

RachelRose said...

I hate factitious disordered patients. I hate malingerers. And I hate the psychiatrist in the ED that allows these patients to hit my service. I hate documentation. I hate that I am still here at work documenting for a malingerer that left AMA and it is 5:21 pm and the traffic will be aweful in Baltimore since Maryland drivers are generally the worst drivers in the USA. Why am I on the CrossFit board with this crap?... Finally a smile. Ahhhhhhhh, the back squat awaits me :)

Evan said...

Brian 260
Evan 265 (1 RM 300 PR)
Dan 205 PR (1st MU)
John O. 165
Bobby 220 PR

John M. 295 (Box)
Jesse W. 235 (Box)
Vinu 225 (Box)
Cain 215 (Box)

Tersea 190
Susan 190
Whitney 165
Rachel 115 PR (1 RM 125 PR)
Melissa 80
Irene 80
Marcia 32.5

Matt said...

Matt - 245 (box)

Forget to write my weight down.

Cain said...

Cats aren't for talking quantum mechanics and enlightenment literature with. They have a purpose summed as follows: be furry and cuddly. Anything else is a bonus. You have high expectations for animals that poop in boxes and rely and others to feed them. Actually, that sounds like they've mastered their food supply... who owns who?