Friday 12/31/10



Crossfit Diesel is closed
Friday, Saturday & Sunday for the holiday.
Enjoy time with friends and family.

Bobby is organizing a race!
Cold weather, undies and a good cause makes a perfect mix for a good race,
click here for more information.

Nelson's Fat Ass 50K will be held on Saturday 1/8/10.
It is free and begins at the docks on Lake Elkhorn at 8am.


Bobby Gill said...

Yup, you heard right. I'm the race director for Cupid's Undie Run, a 1.5 mile charity underwear run in DC on Valentine's weekend benefiting the Children's Tumor Foundation. We had over 500 runners last year and I would absolutely love if everyone from Diesel joined in for the fun and the fundraising this year.

Particularly, this year I am throwing down the Cupid's Crossfit Challenge - a competition to see which local Crossfit affiliate can fundraise the most. I have already created the Diesel page and other affiliates will be stepping up to the plate after the new year. LET'S SHOW THOSE OTHER GYMS THAT DIESEL IS #1!

To register, go to and click 'Register for This Event' at the top. During the registration process, make sure you select Team Crossfit Diesel from the dropdown menu of available teams. I'll send out more info later, but know that slots are limited to 500 runners and we are close to half full in 2 weeks of registration being open. Don't miss out on the fun.

To summarize: paleo/zone-approved alcohol consumption, partial nudity to show off our awesome Crossfit progress, charitable giving to the Children's Tumor Foundation, a chance for Diesel to dominate over other local Crossfit affiliates, and a short easy fun run around the nation's capital with a bunch of other whackjobs. Good times!

Event website:
Diesel fundraising page:

See ya in your skivvies,

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

Alright, I signed up! Checked out some pictures online, this looks interesting.

Side note, seeing how most crossfitters perform the WODs in their skivvies anyway (i'm looking at you mainsite pictures) this race is a natural fit.

Teresa said...

I think Mandi mentioned something about doing it on Memorial Day??? Not sure...I wasn't here at that time, but I asked about it.

RachelRose said...

New bench press 1RM #95 (with Cain at the CA).


T said...

Memorial day is def the last time we ran murph.

Happy New Year gang!

Brian Cohee said...

Murph, on a treadmill, with no vest, seems sadistic enough without it: 40:21

Happy New Years!

Brian Cohee said...
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Evan said...

Nice Murphs!