Thursday 8/5/10



75 Power Snatches (75/ 55#)

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Compare to 2/5/10

Marilou Dozios-Prevost of the Canadian Weightlifting Team


Unknown said...

Should I make a snatch joke, or just say that that's the best picture we've ever had on the website?

T said...

Awesome. Definitely one of my favorite hero WOD's!

You ready for the face off John??!??

L said...

Can I say the programming this week has been pretty awesome (except for the running one). This is one of my favorites.

Cain said...

I am reading the power clean segment in Starting Strength. Rip says that with the clean we learn to pull hard and fast, which means we will be able to adapt to that speed and all speeds slower.

Does this mean we can use a 50% of DL 1RM for power cleans as a speed day drill to improve our deadlift?

Jason said...

50% of a 1 RM DL for power cleans is a lot! At least for the average crossfitter, in my opinion. Personally, my max clean of any kind is just barely more than 50% of my 1RM DL.

Cain said...

True Jason. That thought crossed my mind after I posted. So what's a good weight I wonder? Or do we just focus on doing 50% of 1RM of power or squat cleans and leave that as the final speed drill to benefit DL?

Evan said...

Keeping it short to avoid confusion.

Speed day =

Back Squat & Deadlift


Bench Press

Jason said...

)n another note, I have been training, via text message, a friend of mine who lives in Minnesota. I had him doing a lot of speed work with some 5x5 or 3x.. heavy days and one max day on a sumo deadlift. I am out here in Minnesota now to visit him and we did a max DL two days ago. He has gained 50# on his max with mostly speed work and a few heavy days. He admitted to me he wasn't sure the method I was giving to him was going to work but going into the summer his goal was to DL 315# and he did it easily, then did it again after a try and failure at 335#.

Unknown said...

T, I'd love to face off on this one bro, but I have duty all night. I'm bummed to miss this, of all the ones we've done this week...

Evan said...

Awesome to hear Jason! Good work!

Cain said...

Anyone familiar with this site? They publish MILO.

Dan Hook said...

Ya, they sell the Captains of Crush grippers, which are awesome

Evan said...

Tyler - 5:00 PR!
Cain - 7:00
Steve - 7:19 PR!
Donte - 7:39 PR!
Mike G - 9:00
Dan - 9:46 PR!
Mike T - 5:52 (45#)

Anita - 5:04 PR!/ GR!
Mandi - 8:23 PR!
Meghan - 8:55
Julie - 10:15
Rachel - 8:15 (35#)
Kim - 6:04 (25#)

L said...

I think Randy should definitely be included on the whiteboard. ;)

Evan said...

Mandi and I where just talking about that, Anita.

We want to make a board for Hero WODs and another for Mono-Structural WODs (i.e. 5k run, 2k row, 400m dash, etc.)