Monday 7/12/10




Squat Clean (135/85#)
Ring Dips

Compare to 4/7/10

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Powerlifting Team time announcement:
The CrossFit Diesel Powerlifting team work-out times are going to be scheduled for Tuesday and Friday nights at 7:00 PM. Saturdays at 10:00 AM will be reserved as a 'make up' time for missed practices.

Let's win some more Gold!

Note: This will effectively change 7:00 pm Strongman Class. In it's place, and congruent with the Powerlifting Teams workout schedule (see above), will be an Open Gym hour. Open Gym hour will be Free to members and current Punch Card holders for the rest of the month of July.


T said...

I have a sweet double chin!

Jason said...

Like that character in Austin Powers...what was his name?

Jason said...

So I've gotta keep the hamstrings, glutes, and hips loaded by shifting knees under/forward to maintain tension...If so, I understand the theory. In practice, well...

Mike T said...

Forgot to write down my time.

11:22 (75#, Red)

Evan said...

Thanks Mike!

And Jason, you are absolutely correct. Doing exactly as you described in order to create a vertical slot.

The change in technique won't happen at loads above 50% - You'll just go back to the old way. Rather, work technique on light loads, and when your in the grove, sneak the weight up in controlled jumps.

When you're in the slot, it feels like the bar jumped itself onto your shoulders! (and as long as you can stand up the front squat, you'll PR)!

Also, Jason. How vertical are you able to keep your torso on your front squat? You may be a splitter.

Evan said...

Times will be posted tomorrow, folks. (My SD card needs reformatting - Luckily, I did not erase today's scores)!

Good night everyone :)

Jason said...

Not really sure where I am in a front squat. Probably not so vertical in the bottom but I don't really know.

Evan said...

Tyler 10:43 GR!
Jason 10:45 PR!
John M 13:00 PR!
Brian C 14:14
Mike G 16:10
Dan 17:35 (105#) PR!
Keith 35:00 (105# no pukie)
John H 15:00 (105, red) PR!
Donte 10:24(95# pc, sm. green)
Cain 13:11 (95#, green)
Mark 11:15 (85#, red)
Vinu 15:17 (85#, red)
Bryan D 15:54 (65#, green)

Susan 9:33 (60#, mini green)
Audrey 10:13 (63#, red)
Meghan 9:54 (53#, red)
Kim 9:34 (35#, red)
Jess 13:10 (53#, blue)
Lindsay 9:40 (50#, blue)
Amee 11:20 (35#, blue)
Leslie 11:23 (53#, green)
Sujata 11:00 (50#, green)

Evan 10:55 (115#)/ 1RM 190# PR

Jason said...

There can only be one!(is that from Highlander?) T owns the Gym Record...every second counts.

Evan said...

That, is from Highlander.

I think decapitation is eminent!

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

13:25 (95#, Blue)