Friday 7/16/10




Double Unders

Compare to 3/4/10

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Dan Hook said...

I was thinking last night, "which girl wod could we do that wouldn't tear my hands up more? Annie would be good..." And here it is.

Unknown said...

Ok, who dropped their Clean and Jerk weight and caused the earthquake this morning??

Cain said...

For comic relief AND a bitchin workout...

Seriously, what's that weigh, is that a paperweight?

deb said...

So bummed to be missing the WODs this week! It's one of "those weeks" where life gets in the way of CF every single day... the nerve.

Unknown said...

The best part, aside from the poses, is the quote, "It's time to go shopping for new Skinny Jeans." Yes, Skinny Jeans is capitalized.

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

Look guys, make fun of kettleworx all you want... but its the reason my new skinny jeans look great on me.

Brian Cohee said...

6:23, as prescribed.
Significant PR (over two minutes!)

Evan said...

Blogger John Aaron said...

Jason, that's the first time somebody has said my name and skinny in the same sentence. Thank you. You can see (redacted), but my Droid X is so big, I have to tuck it into my belt.

RachelRose said...

8:20 (100 singles, 50 sit-ups; 80 singles, 40 sit-ups, etc)

Unknown said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Well played Evan, well played.

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...


Mandi said...

T 7:33 PR
Evan 8:24 PR
Dan 9:07 PR
Keith 11:34
Sean 11:59
Michael G. 14:02
Cain 14:21 (1/2 SU & DU)
Vinu 15:20 (1/2 SU & DU)
Donte 14:32 (2xSU)

Mandi 7:39 PR
Lindsay 8:52 PR
Sujata 11:18 (1/2 SU & DU)
Amee 12:50 (3xSU, each rnds 5-7 DU)
Lisa 9:41 (2xSU, 1/2 sit-ups)
Naomi 13:33 (2xSU (rnds 1&2 2xsit-ups))
Jay 9:25 (SU, 1/2sit-ups, ROM on sit-ups)
Marcia 14:19 (rnds 1&2 SU & sit-ups, rnds 3-5 1/2 SU & sit-ups)