Thursday 6/24/10




Deadlift (225/ 155#)
Box Jump

Compare to 2/2/10

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Virtuosity: "performing the common uncommonly well"

Open House this Saturday, 10am to 3pm! Bring a friend.
If you would like to come and help with grilling, teaching folks how to do pull-ups, assisting with sign-in, climb the rock wall or just say "hello" to some new faces we would greatly appreciate it. Please see the flyer for a schedule of the day.
Thanks, CFD!


lindsaygirl said...

this may not be the right forum for this post, but i found a kitten in our neighborhood and i've been taking care of it for two weeks... i've treated it for fleas and roundworm. He'll be 8 weeks old this saturday. Is anyone interested in adopting the little bugger? I named him Cruiser, but i don't think he knows it yet so you can rename him. :) I'll be at CFD tonight or you can all email me if you need more info. thanks :)

Mike T said...

Jason like kittens right Jason?

Evan said...

Jason - 4:10 PR
Kristian - 5:40 PR
Dan - 6:51 PR
Matt - 3:41 (155#) PR
Keith - 4:30 (155#)
Mike T - 8:03 (20")
Sean - 5:57 (155#)
Mike B - 8:30 (155#)
Shane - 8:53 (155#)

Susan - 4:31
Mandi - 6:16 (135#)
Lindsay - 5:27 (125#)
Rachel - 10:12 (100#)

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

5:33 170#.
Some of my box jumps were suspect...