Friday 6/18/10



Clean & Jerk (any style)

Compare to: 10/26/09

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Cain said...

My favorite!

L said...

Couldn't make it this morning. Too busy running errands. See you all in 2 weeks!

Unknown said...

Jason, I certainly did, thank you. I'm going to try and get my friend out there today before he leaves, but if not, I'll keep it in the reserve for my own use in the future. I haven't had internet since I got back from vacation, so I view all the posts from my phone, but I can't post myself. It sucks...

Mandi said...

Have fun Anita! Take some great photo's

Evan said...

Jason - 225 (235 P. Clean, tie PR)
Vinu - 135
Matt - 185 PR
Dan - 160 PR
John H - 170 PR
Brian C - 175 PR (185 P. Clean, tie PR)
Cain - 165 (185 P. Clean)

Rachel - 65

Mandi 95 PR (100 Clean, PR)

Mandi said...

Did not try above 80 for the jerk due to being at home and not able to dump. Yes on the 100 clean x2 PR! Additionally, ran a mile in 7:36PR! Though the mile in my neighborhood is a little short, it is still almost a 1minute PR from the last time I did it.
Crossfit Rocks.

RachelRose said...

Yay Mandi! That is so awesome!! Whoot whoot!!