Friday 3/12/10





Post max lifts to comments

Compare to 3/6/10

then drill

3 rep HSPU for Max Depth :-) (because we love you)


T said...

Mike, that's an amazing pic!

Mike T said...

Michael G. Nice job on the cleans.

Mike T said...

A video clip has been posted on Facebook. A preview of today's workout. I will try to making the clip from the gymnastics class last night. Anita thanks for taking all the awesome pics last night.

Michael said...

What a devilishly handsome athlete!

Jason said...

Mandi and Evan, I've been meaning to ask for a while about the whereabouts of some Diesel athletes. I haven't seen Pat in a while, haven't seen Laura in forever, and there was yet another Mike that was with us for a while. Any word on them?

T said...

Pat's out of town for work, should be back in a week or two I think.

Evan said...

Mike K. got a job in DC - But he is doing well, he emailed not too long ago and pl;ans to drop in some time.

Laura is still with Event EQ, so I think we can drop by and say hi and we miss ya at the gym. She'd probably like that.

Evan said...

Steve - 155
Matt - 145 PR
Jason - 135 (145x2)
John H - 135
Mike G - 130 PR
Mike T - 110 (115x2)
Keith - 85

Susan - 90 PR
Julie - 80
Mandi - 67 PR
Anita - 60 (65x1)