Thursday 2/25/10





Compare to 1/26/10 or 12/11/09


3 Rounds for max reps
Handstand Push-Up

(Post loads & Reps to Comments)


Mandi said...

How about the picture......My guess is that the new Gymnastics class would be a great time to work on handstand pirouettes! I do agree though, the WOD does look like fun.

Unknown said...

I can't wait for the weather to clear up so that we can do some running. As for handstand pirouettes: :(

Steve H said...

Following up on the original post of messy/fun obstacle courses to accomplish, I found another one coming up here within the next couple of months.

In case anyone wants to do something of a mudrun earlier in the year, May 1st there is a 5k mud run over in rockville, MD. You can do singles, couples and teams of 4. Anyone interested in going?

Unknown said...

Steve, the only problem with the run a muck is there's no beer and Flavor Flav helmet. Other than that, I'd be interested in trying it.

Mandi said...

Yes...but they do encourage costumes :)

Mike T said...

The "DC's Most Primal" - Fitness Competition is this Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. It is my understanding that this evening is geared to those athletes that are planing on going to the CF Games Sectional and is a fun event to watch. I know I plan on attending but not the whole day. Anyone else interested in going to the event can contact Evan, Mandi, or me.

Evan said...

WOD results will be posted tomorrow afternoon. Lullaby and goodnight :)

Evan said...

Tyler 170 (PR) - 18/15/8
Donte 135 (PR) - 12/9/5 mat
John H 135 145x2 7/42/7 mat
Kristian 110 (PR) - 5/4/4
Mike 110 - 16/17/9 mat

Julie 80 85x1 (PR) - 9/11/9 mat
Meghan 75 (PR) - 6/7/2
Anita 65 70x1 - 11/13/21 mat