Wednesday 11/4/09



100 Pull-Ups
100 Push-Ups
100 Sit-Ups
100 Squats

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Compare to 7/14/09


Jason said...

Oh. So this is the culmination of a month long experiment with the official CrossFit warm-up. I've got plenty of excuses lined up starting with my diet over the last several hours...wait make that weeks.

Evan said...

Some folks observe a great boost in the CrossFitting after honing their skills and numbers on the Official CF warm-up. Now lets test its ability to improve our capacities under the curve!

Jason said...

22:25 on 8/23/08 is my Angie PR. I think my push-ups are getting worse.

Evan said...

ROM was not being called out tonight - instead, athletes were encouraged to just keep pushing.

Evan - 19:52 PR
Rich - 19:56 PR
Pat - 22:41 PR
Jason - 22:45
Steve - 24:24 PR
Mac - 25:30 PR
Oliver - 26:25 PR?
Sean - 22:00 (sub 2k row for Pull-ups)

Lindsay - 22:00 (Green B, Knee) PR
Meghan - 24:25 (Red, Knee) PR
Robin - 27:27 (Red, Some Knee) PR
Anita - 24:06 (J. Pull-Up, Bar Push-up) PR

Evan said...

I'll be the 1st to admit that push-ups are my goat. If I short my ROM, it is usually at the lock-out.

How was your ROM on tonight's WOD?

Jason said...

I believe I was well within 80% for lockout, but I probably come up an inch short of a touch to the ground at the bottom. But it's hard to tell when you're in the "fog of Angie".

Steve H said...

I don't think my hands can forgive me from this past Angie workout.

jacksbadassgoat said...

Did this one last night, I think my PR was about 9 months ago and 7-8 minutes faster.... Pullups, pushups and cardio need work.

23:45 as rx'd.

Evan said...

Your PR is Crazy fast JBAG! (short for Jack's Bad Ass Goat - not meant to sound derogatory)

Evan said...

Intro Class WOD 2

Mark - 12:35 (65/65#)
John - 5:51 (20/45)
Alex - 6:11 (20/45)
Erik - 7:41 (20/45)
Becky - 8:?? (20/33)
Julie - 9:09 (20/35)