Tuesday 12/6/11


Back Squat


Compare to 10/18/11

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Teresa said...

7am Rookies
Box Squat 5RM, superset with gymnastics movement

Donte 225#/30 situps
Chris 205#/35 ring dips total
Sam 155#/15 ring dips
Igol 95#/? push ups
Bruce 85# (95#x4)/? body rows
Whitney 75#/5 pull-ups X 10 rounds
Rachel M. 75#/5 push ups X 10 rounds

GREAT class this morning. Welcome to you newbies. It was a joy having you in class. Hope to see you again.

jshish8 said...

Any recommendations for ramping for this WOD (based on current 1RM)?

Dan Hook said...

When did that rat appear in the Crossfit Diesel logo? What is it holding?

K said...

Banksy much?

Mandi said...

yes, Much :)

Mandi said...


Steve H 330
Erin 315 PR
Jason G 315
Matt 315
Bryan R 280
Jim 275
Kirk 275
Mike S 270
Michael G 255
Teresa 250 PR
AJ 245 PR
Josh B 245 PR
Cameron R 235
Vinu 235
Kevin 210 PR
Jake D 210
Mandi 130

Mandi said...

5:00 PM

Mike T. 260 (15# PR!)
Jamison H. 255
Josh S. 250 (PR!)
Shannon F. 160 (PR!)
Kim B. 120
Cami D. 85# x 3-5 Reps

Evan said...

Dan - He's holding a paint brush.

(He's giving us a little help with our logo)

Evan said...


Yvette 195 PR
Whitney 180
Sarah 150 PR
Rachel M 142.5

Rachel L. said...

After FGB
Open Gym: 187.5 PR!