Monday 12/5/11


Filthy Fifty

For time:

50 Box jump (24/20")

50 Jumping pull-ups

50 Kettlebell swings (35/26#)

Walking Lunge, 50 steps

50 Toes to Bar*

50 Push press (45/ 33#)

50 Back extensions

50 Wall ball shots (20/ 14)

50 Burpees

50 Double Unders
Compare to 10/17/11

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Teresa said...

Hoi Yee,

Mandi said...

7:00 AM

AJ S. 21:53 PR / GR
Whitney 28:52 (Slurpee)
Sujata 23:05 (30's) 10#, Russian, Slurpee
Hilary 41:45 (10#, Slurpee, Floor T2b, 100x SU) PR!

Lots'a good PR's today - Great Job!

Hoi_Yee said...

Thanks Teresa! I ate a baby before attempting. Now I see the appeal.

Rachel L. said...

Congrats Hoi Yee! That is so exciting!

jshish8 said...

Congrats Hoi Yee, that is a great accomplishment.

Sujata said...

HY - amazing accomplishment on the MU!!

Sujata said...

Can anyone recommend a good "sports medicine" doctor in Columbia? My right arm/shoulder is just not getting better. You can email me at sujata.rana67at Thanks!

Mandi said...

Woohoo...way to go Hoi Yee!

Hoi_Yee said...

Thanks guys!! Feelin the love :)

RachelRose said...

Hahahaha, I knew there were baby eaters on our playground. Congrats girl!!!

Mandi said...

Teresa 18:13 PR
Susan 21:50
Kirk 23:06
Mike S 25:25 PR
Ming 28:30
Jake D 31:05 modified
Vinu 33:05
Allen 34:40
Dan H 34:52
Jim 35:15 PR
Sheena 39:?? modified

Shannon 19:46 modified
Mike T 24:09 modified
Mandi 27:29 PR
BIll 29:11
JOsh B 29:15 modified
Yvette 29:35 (10'wb) PR
Josh S 32:52 PR
Chris 33:05 PR
Kim 33:57 modified
Donte 39:17 modified
Tony B 42:00 modified
Erin B 49:53
Bryan R 53:55

Steve 26:23 PR
Hoi Yee 28:54
Jason H 30:24 PR
Mike B 34:30 modified

Yvette said...

Wait so I gotta eat a baby to get a MU?? I've been doing it all wrong. That should have been in the nutrition challenge. SO SUPER jelouse Hoi Yee :) you're awesome!!

RachelRose said...

I like the new notation for scaled...

Teresa said...

Forgot to note 10' WB.