Tuesday 10/18/11

Back Squat


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Chris at the "5 Ton 5K"

The Powerlifting Record Books have been Updated
Here's Raw Women's - Masters 1A


Chris said...

Yay running

Dan Hook said...

Speaking of running, I'm doing the Zoo Zoom, an 8k race through the Maryland Zoo the weekend before Thanksgiving. It would be great to have other Diesel athletes there.

Evan said...

It looks like a fantastic event, Dan.

I wonder how the animals react to all the excitement.

Running prey ... tasty!

T said...



RachelRose said...

Teresa I tried to post this yesterday from my phone but it didn't work- there are 2 sets of parallettes that do not have names on them- a shorter set and a taller set. Yours is whichever of those 2 you prefer (the other set AJ will be taking). Hope you like them :)

Evan said...

7:00 Am

Rookies WOD 1 - Baseline (variation)

Dipdi 12:00 (knee)
Kwame 15:08

Evan said...

Those Kettlebells would make THE BEST trophies at CF Competitions & Events

jshish8 said...

Anyone looking for some good technique advice (transition) on the muscle-up - I recommend watching the WOD demo on mainsite with Noah Gabriel Landis.

Hoi_Yee said...

Anyone know of a good orthopedist in the area? Preferably someone who focuses on feet/ankles? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!'

Mandi said...

backsquat, 400m run

T 345(7@1.5BW),1:12
Chris 295PR,1:03
Evan 295,1:16
Jesse 275PR,1:02
Jason C 265,1:57
Vinu 245,1:21
Mike T 245box,1:39
Yvette 170,1:23
Rachel M 145,1:29

Mandi said...

Backsquat, 400m run

Steve 335, 1:17
Matt S 325 PR, 1:08
Dan 265 PR, 1:08
Michael G 255 PR, 1:07
Teresa 245, 1:11?
Jason H 245 OR, 1:21
AJ 230 PR, 1:03
Kevin 200 PR, 1:12
Sean 215rom
Rachel L 180 PR, 1:27
Mike ???, 1:15

Brian Cohee said...

Backsquat 10-10-10-10

last set 10 @245

Then developed flu like illness with myalgias, yay!

T said...

NAME BackSquat, 400m run
Josh 240, 1:17
Susan 220, 1:43
Whitney 185, 1:34

Great Job 7's!!

Dan Hook said...

Evan, the Baltimore Marathon last weekend went through the zoo as well. The animals were probably excited for the first few hundred people, but that probably wore off by the time 20,000 had rolled by.

Teresa said...

Thanks so much. I will get you some $ when I see you this week. I really appreciate it.

Sujata said...

Rachel, thanks so much for the parallettes! Are you coming to the 7am Thurs class - if yes, I can give you $ then...

RachelRose said...

I cant do 7am thurs but will be there Fri at 7am and sat am. Glad u like them :)