Wednesday 6/27/12



Every minutes of the minutes - 10 minutes
Snatch 1, 2 or 3 reps

Then, with the same load, immediately perform 5 minutes of Clean for max repetitions

Post total reps (snatch+clean) and record the load used

**We are very excited to announce that Crossfit Diesel will be getting a new home!
The new address will be 9520 Gerwig lane suites L and M. Indeed we will be in the same building with front street visibility and access. The move is schedule to happen in August 2012. More details will be posted as the date approaches. Please help us in celebrating and preparing for this exciting transition.


Yvette said...

How exciting :) is this move for more space?

Evan said...

Yes, we'll be the biggest affiliate in Maryland.

The big move should be happening in (or around) August.

RachelRose said...

Hurray! Congratulations CFD! I think that will call for a moving party WOD!

deb said...

The biggest affiliate?! Wow, you've come so far so fast :)

I see a lot of endurance WODs in our future to prep for this move!

Michael said...


Odd-object lifting, too.

jshish8 said...

Can't wait to move all of that equipment - I'm actually not kidding.

Mandi said...


T Henry 80 (#85)
G Yakaitis 75 (#75)
K Kuadey 70 (#75)
A Solomon 65 (#65)
K Berndt 104 (#60)
N Brillant 67 (#35)
E Stern 61 (#35)
T Stern 36 (#15-3-25)

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

Somtime in August we wiki see:

"Today's WOD: move everything for time"

Michael said...

5:00 PM

S Matthews 95 lb, 5 reps
J Greco 55, 75
A Shishineh 135, 88
M Stephen 135, 62
T Luz 90, 90
M Sullivan 95, 45
K Faro 95, 72

Michael said...

Good job, 5:00 class.

Unknown said...

Man I was really slummin it tonight. Only pumped out 5 reps. I'll try to do better next time!

Evan said...

6:00 pm

T.Tom 165# (20/35)=55
K.Ahn 105# =84
H.Dean 75# =70
S.Fountain 75# (29/56)=85
I.Constandoglo 65# (30/34)=64
M.Gross 65# (40/56)=96
J.Shrader 95# (30/56)=86
H.Y.Tom 90# (19/45)=64
R.Morano 65# (/)=65
R.Koch 85# (20/52)=72
E.Park 125# (30/31)=61
L.Roque 65# =81

Accessory Eddie said...

Oh Good! I thought I had accidentally put the wrong weight on there. Told y'all I'm no good at math edjumacation. Tabata killed me today ugh.

Evan said...

7:00 pm
3 Power Snatch
6 Air Squat

K. Wojdon 10
M. Ruiz 14+3
A. Taylor 11+3
J. Thrift 10+3
B. Wonderly 10+3
E. Raymond 11+1
D. Adkins 10+8
D. Weems 9
R. Foutz 12+1
K. Shrader 11+6
C. Kingwood 9+3
T. Curtis 11
J. Rogas 9+2
K. Balajem ???

Great job gang!