Wednesday 6/20/12


Every Minutes On the Minutes for 8 minutes:
10 Kettlebell Swings (#53/#35)
10 Pull-ups

If you fail to complete your set in the 60 seconds, finish it and rest the remainder of the following minutes, picking back up at the top of the next minute.

Post rounds complete to comments


jshish8 said...

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Mandi said...


#rounds of #repetitions (total repetitions)

A Solomon 6rnd of 10's (60)mod
C Twaddle 8rnd of 7's (56)
K Berndt 8rnd of 8-6's (53)
B Lessler 5+11rnd of 7's (46)
S Hammond 7rnd of 10-6's (?)mod

T said...


Folks - it's going to be stupid warm the next few days.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water!

Always remember rule number 1 - DO NOT DIE!

This has been a PSA from your friendly coaching staff :)

Mandi said...


A Shishineh 8 (80)
T Luz 8 (80)
T Tom 7 (70)
K Faro 8rnds of 7's (56)
S Wilkes 6rnds+8 of 8's (48)mod
J Staman 6rnds of 8's (48)
K Elliott 6rnds of 6's (36)

T said...
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T said...

H.Y. Tom 8
C. Dorsex 7+15
J. Shrader 6+14
S. Fountain 8 (mod)
J. Southworth 7+3 (7's)
S. Rana 6+ 10 (mod)
M. Treas 5+13 (red 5's)

Holy thermostat batman - great job guys way to grind this one out in today's sauna :)

Mike T said...

S. Wilner 6 (7 reps)
A. Taylor 8 (7 reps)
J. Thrift 6 (7 reps)
J. Greco 7 (8/6)
R. Foutz 8
N. Brillant 8
P. Newman ?? (65/65)
J. Rojas ?? (65/65)
K. Balajem 7 (7 reps)
M. Ruiz ?? (37pu 17rings 70kb/35#)
A. Rager ?? (mod 35#)
K. Shrader 8 rounds (6 reps)
H.P. Schwebler 6 (5 reps)
M. Angel ??