Tuesday 6/5/12


Front Squat

Compare to 1/20/12 or  4/17/12

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Evan said...

7:00 AM

A.Shishineh 245 PR (260x1)
S.Hettinger 225
D.London 205
K.Kuadey 165
G.Yakaitis 160 PR
B.Lessler 150
T.Henry 135
T.Luz 275 (back squatx1) PR

jshish8 said...

compare to: 120120

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

Headquartered across the street from Diesel is Friends and Farms. "Friends & Farms offers a weekly food basket containing fresh produce, meat, dairy and seafood from regional suppliers who have a commitment to good agricultural practices and sustainability, as well as a commitment to providing food to us."


Looks cool.

Mandi said...

Nice find Jamison!

Evan said...


T.Tom 315 PR!
T.Luz 215 (230x1) PR! (GR!!!)
J.Staman 215
K.Palmisano 195 (200x1) PR!
M.Gerwig 195
K.Faro 185 (190x1)PR!
K.Ahn 165x2
M.Gross 230 (Bench) PR!
S.Stephens 115 (4x7 Bench)

T said...

C. Jackson 125
C. Dodge 75 (extra reps)
S. Matthews 220 PR!!!!
C. Twaddle 200 (205x1)

T said...

I left the Marathon Relay shirt that I think is yours, that was somehow in my car, on the back table with your name on a sticky.

Mandi said...


J Harrington 225 (235x1)
M Treas 205PR (215x1PR)
R Rivera 205 (215x2)
J Shrader 205PR (215x2)
M Stephen 205
T Crane 155
Y Schreiber 155 PR
E Dean 135
K Baranowski 125
E Kalish 125
A Rigney 115 (120x1)
E Collins 95 (105x2)