Sunday 6/3/12


Rest Day!


Evan said...

How did our Runners do yesterday?

Teresa said...

It went well. We had a great time. Thank you to Rachel L., Hoi Yee, and Kendall for coming out to cheer the runners on. Neale has our team's split times. Not sure about T, Yvette, Matt and Rachel's splits. I'm guessing they got that info before leaving as well. It was a perfect day for a long run. Good times.

T said...

Winning Team
RockVillains (1/66)
[Total Time 2:31:30.5
Average Mile 5:47]

Team Diesel 3 (11/66)
[Total Time 3:11:05.6
Average Mile 7:18]
Rick Luz - 48:04
Neale Salvador - 44:49
Teresa Luz - 47:27
Alan Fountain - 50:47

Team Diesel 2 (53/66)
[Total Time 3:55:50,
Average Mile 9:01]
Yvette Schreiber - 57:15
Matt Sullivan - 1:01:42
Tyler Tom - 47:49
Rachel Morano - 1:09:06

Rachel L. said...

If anyone is interested in seeing photos, I've posted them on my Facebook page. There are some good action shots!

RachelRose said...

Saturday was a great time. Fun course, gorgeous weather, and two terrific teams!

jshish8 said...

big T, cr00shing it!

Evan said...

Who was Team Diesel 1?

Evan said...

Also, it has been suggested that we extrapolate 10k times for the dry erase board. Whatcha think?