Saturday 6/9/12


Crossfit for "Hope" 

Three rounds of (Performed "fight gone bad" style):
1min. Burpees
1min. Power Snatches (#75/#55)
1min. Box Jump
1min. Thrusters (#75/#55)
1min. Chest to bar Pull-ups
1min. Rest

Post total repetitions to comments

The  "Crossfit for Hope" challenge is a fundraiser for the St Jude's Children's Research Hospital! Please follow the link to donate.
This work out will be ranked on the Crossfit Games webpage. For those of you who participated in the games "Open" the same user names and passwords will be used for logging in the the Crossfit for Hope webpage.


Mandi said...

Nice job Jason.

Mandi said...


S Stephens 221
B Bush 205
J Harrington 198
S Fountain 196
M Sullivan 187
R Morano 184 (mod)
S Hettinger 178
K Palmisano 177
K Faro 173
H Dean 146 (green)
N Cox ?

Teresa said...

Did you guys do the box jumps with control at the top?

Susan S. said...

10 am Fight Gone Bad Variation...
wallballs; SDLHP; Box Jumps

R. Morano 182 (step ups)
J. Greco 134
C. Kinswood 112
N. Brillant 145
B. Davis 172
M. Quintanilla 152

Great job Rookies!!!

Susan S. said...

C. Knepper 150

Matt said...
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Matt said...

Teresa, full extension before landing was the only rule.

Teresa said...

Thanks Matt. I watched the WOD demo on mainsite and saw that as well. Thanks for the reply.

jshish8 said...

a.shishineh 266