Wednesday 5/23/12


7 Minutes to Establish a 1 rep snatch
~ then ~
Run a 5K

Post load and time to comments


Allen Fountain said...

Hey Everyone. For those that didn't know, Josh Gober is deployed to Afghanistan. Since it's coming up on a patriotic holiday I thought it'd be nice to send him something from us at the gym.

There is a card on top of the cubbies in the back of the gym (not a very masculine card, but it's the best I could find). Please sign it whenever you get a chance, and if you want to bring something (books, magazines, non-perishable food, etc.) to add to the box please feel free. Bring whatever, I can always get a bigger box.

I'll keep the card/box at the gym through Monday. Thanks everyone!

Mandi said...

7am Rockstars!

C Twaddle 137.5/28:10-7min=21:10
S Hettinger 145PR/32:05-7=25:05
H Dean 75/38:20-7=31:20
R Morano 75/35:04-7=28:04 (2laps)

10 Hanging Power Snatches
10 Push-ups
400 meter Run

E Park 3+3reps
M Quintanilla 2+3reps

Teresa said...

That's an awesome idea. Thanks for organizing it.

Yvette said...

Allen, do u know what he likes to read? And what sort of items he might need?

Michael said...

5:00 PM

S Mathews 125 lb / 29:02-7=22:02
A Fountain 135 / 29:20-7=22:20
T Tom 195 / 29:49-7=22:49
A Shishineh 170 PR / 30:45-7=23:45
J Goss 165 / 32:43-7=25:45
K Eliot 115 / 32:07-7=25:07
K Sullivan 175 PR / 32:55-7=25:05 PR
K Faro 130 / 34:39-7=27:39
M Gerwig 115 / 35:15-7=28:15
V Kurian 130 / 36:07-7=29:07

Michael said...

M. Gross (30MU-4:40)/32:44-7=25:44
M. Treas 117.5 PR!/29:07-7=22:07 2mi
Z. Stone 125/29:42-7=22:42
C. Jackson 90/29:41-7=22:41
S. Moore 23:20 (MOD)
S. Fountain 85/32:31-7=25:31
Y. Lopez 135/31:23-7=24:23
J. Shrader 130/31:09-7=24:09
J. Hibbard 165/29:23=22:23
J. Southworth 135/29:15-7=22:15
K. Ahn 125/35:45-7=28:45
K. Berndt 70/32:58-7=25:58
S. Muller 65/37:28-7=30:28
C. Dodge 35db/37:21-7=30:21
Y. Schreiber MOD/34:00-7=27:00
T. Braglio 185 PR!/30:14

Great job gang!!

Allen Fountain said...

Hey Yvette, I don't think you could go wrong with sports/manly magazines. I sent him a message to see if he needs anything in particular. I'll let you know when I hear something. Thanks!

Susan S. said...

I.Constandegio 3
H.Y. Tom 3+8 65#
A. Taylor 3+8 45#
D. Morgan 2+200 meters 45#
R. Foutz 3
D. Eddy 3+5
L. Sanciangco 3
B. Davis 3+9 45#
S. Muller 2+20 35#
K. Shrader 2+ 300 meters 15#
J. Shrader 3+5 95#
M. Ruez 3+5 65#
D. Weyraunch 2+200 meters 45#
Y. Schrieber 3+ 20 35 KB snatch
C. Knepper 3+200 meters 15#

Great Class Rookies!!!!

T said...

Diesel-ers! PHENOMENAL WORK TONIGHT! I am incredibly impressed with the numbers that folks were putting up with both their snatch and their 5k! Thanks for giving it your all on a particularly challenging workout!

Shannon said...

My time was 24:31; I came in the door at 31:31. Apparently I can't do math after a 5k.