Sunday 5/20/12

Endurance WOD

Time: 11am
Location: Supreme Sports Club
Price: $7 if you are not a CA member

Be ready to Swim!

Memorial Day "Murph" and Potluck Party! Monday 5/28/12

Murph WOD
1 mile run
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 squats
1 mile run

We will be running waves at 9:45am, 10:30am, 11:15am
At 12pm we will be grilling hamburgers and hotdogs. Please post to comments a side dish you would like to bring and share.
Please sign up for a wave for following this link and clicking seminars.


RachelRose said...

I will bring corn-on-the-cob (pre-cooked so it does not have to take up the whole grill) and sliced watermelon.

T said...

I *almost* got up for this...

RachelRose said...

It was all that wine in the woods yesterday huh?...

Mandi said...

Almost got was at 11am :)
Swimming today was great. thanks for the awesome coaching Brian.

Brian Cohee said...

For those that have been to a swim WOD in the past, what I have been teaching is the total immersion technique. There are multiple different techniques in freestyle, with this being one better suited to longer distances (read as >200m) and for energy conservation. A great basic approach is shown in this video. The technique that I have taught would be like their "hip-driven freestyle."

T said...

GAH I ACTUALLY WAS UP! I thought it was at 0900!! B - next time - make sure you wear your sun glasses - i assure you i am blindingly white.