Sunday 5/13/12


Endurance WOD

20x100m sprint, leaving on 60 second intervals

Location: Hammond High School Track
Time: 9am


RachelRose said...

I'm guessing since there is no comment that means no one showed up?... that makes me sad (not really, but you know what I mean). As far as I know from Runner's magazine, sprints are the absolute best way to get faster. (And it's always really nice to spend about a third of a WOD in 'break' mode.)

RachelRose said...

Oh dear, far more than a third of the WOD is for recovery, more like over 2/3's. (I thought the sprints were every 30 seconds, they would've been every 60.)

Shannon said...

Hey Rachel - actually, we had a good turnout. Mandi, Celeste, Josh, Lauren, and I managed to get through it. Walking was painful today. Of course, Brian and Oliver were there to coach us.

RachelRose said...


Brian Cohee said...

Hey Rachel, sorry for no comments, we kept track of the times somewhat loosely, since there were 20 of the sprints, so there wasn't much to write!

You can ask the others when you see them, but I think the rest was plenty. It certainly changes the character of the workout (leaving every 30s for example, would decrease the intensity a lot).

RachelRose said...

Brian no need to apologize!! I'm sure u all had sub-10 second sprints ;)