Thursday 4/19/12



30 Clean and Jerk (#135/#95)
1 Mile Run
1K Row

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7AM Awesomeness

Registration for the Nutrition Challenge is UP!

More Details about the Nutrition Challenge have been posted under Comments


Teresa said...

Regional WODs are up and they look like a blast!

RachelRose said...

You too can be this happy at 8 am (and on a Monday!) 9 big cheeses don't lie ;)

RachelRose said...

Big cheesy smiles that is!

T said...

re: regional workouts
Can't wait to watch some of those little guys try and HPC 225 :)

Glad to see they made the weights reasonable!

Can't wait to give these a try :)

T said...

@T2: When your wrist gets better I am challenging you to the regional workouts. I'll even agree to doing 2 WOD's a day, 3 days in a row to make it a legit "regionals" :)

Evan said...

Great Job AM Crew!

7:00 AM

B.Lessler 21:14 (105#)
H.Dean 21:37 (85#)
R.Morano 21:07 (75#)
R.Pierson 21:59 (55#)
C.Twaddle 15:00 (95#)
A.Shisheneh 15:44 (4:15 Grace PR!)
M.Buckley 17:?? (95#)
K.Kuwade 23:?? (85#)

Evan said...

Nutrition Challenge:

Online Registration Is Open!

Registration is: $29
the Nutrition Challenge is limited to the first 12 to Register - There are 7 entered so far.

Registration includes:
A Clinic*
Weekly Journal Reviews
Weekly Nutrition Tips based on your Food Journals

The person with the highest score at the end of 4 weeks (May 25th)will receive 1 Personal Training session.

*The Clinic will cover in detail how to eat healthy, the rules of the challenge, how to use online materials, etc. The Clinic is scheduled for 8:00 PM, this Friday (the 20th)

The Contest's Nutritional Journaling officially Starts on:
Friday April 27th
And runs through: Friday May 25th

Participants will need to have their Journals updated and Submitted by midnight every Friday in May (the 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th).

All Journals will be entered and submitted online.

All participants will either - Log their nutrition in an online food log (Such as, or
Or submit an Excel spreadsheet**

** The excel option is only available to participants who do not have a weightloss goal.

Athletes will be graded on:

4 weeks of food journals
- Journals will be graded on:
- Macronutrient Balance (Modified Zone)
- Food Quality (Paleo)
- Meal Frequency

Percent Completion of the Physical Challenge
Completion of Personal Goal

Bonuses can be attained by:

Class Attendance at CrossFit Diesel
Favorable Body Composition Changes measured at the beginning and the end of the Contest.

Let's get our Healthy Eat's On!

jshish8 said...

@ T, 30 225# HPC is a load for the big guys I would imagine too...
event 6 is going to be epic!

Mandi said...

YAY, Robin!!! Welcome back girl. We missed you :)

jshish8 said...

Nice to see this 7am crew growing stronger every day!

Teresa said...

Absolutely! Consider your challenge accepted. :)

Mandi said...


J Gober 15:33 (3:54 grace)
K Palmisano 17:44 (115)
D Hook 17:56 (4:28 grace 125)
T Luz 18:23 (4reps mod)
J Staman 18:53 (5:15 grace)
A Fountain 19:01 (5:54 grace)
K Faro 19:06 (4:52 grace 115)
M Gross 19:58 6:13 grace)

Mandi said...


I Reid 15:07 (2:37 grace)
J Hibbard 16:22 (5:03 grace)
S Wilkes 17:00 (#50)
Y Schreiber 17:06 (4:53 grace)
S Matthews 18:00 (5:31 grace #105)
J Southworth 18:54 (6:15 grace)
K Baranowki 19:09 (#45)
J Shrader 19:33 (6:49 grace)
D London 19:58 (3:49 grace)
S Fountain 20:45 (7:18 grace)

Mandi said...


Y Gorodiskiy 17:18 (#85)
D Weyrauch 19:58 (#63)
K Keating 20:07 (#53)
S Brown 23:20 (#53)

Teresa said...

That should be a 40-rep MOD for me.

T said...

Nice Grace time Ian!

Evan said...

Some Great Grace's wen't up on the board yesterday.

Yvette is in 2nd with 4:43
Ian is up in 3rd with 2:37

Donte and Josh G both made the board with sub 4:00 minute times, which officially knocks off any Men's time over 4 minutes.

Also of note, Shannon made the board today with her 1st Rx'd Grace - Way to go!

RachelRose said...

Amazing Grace(s)!!!!

jshish8 said...

Anyone interested in past Grace:
compare to 111210