Wednesday 3/28/12

Heavy WOD

Back Squat


Compare to: 2/4/12

Ramp -
to a Heavy 5 with the last 3 rounds landing in your Prilepin's chart "Work Sets" (70-80%)
Fixed -
Use a fixed load for all 5 sets, anticipating a failure to complete 5 in rounds 4 and 5.

Form will fail before you start missing.
Good Form = Progress ; Repeated Bad Form = Plateau
... or worse
Remember that little thing called Virtuosity!

Post load + ramp or fixed to comments

Schedule Notes:
Diesel will be closed this Saturday for the Equinox Powerlifting Meet!


Evan said...

Spotter / Loaders

We'll need you to sharpen your skills today.

jshish8 said...


Link wasn't working for me...

Mandi said...

Rookies WOD

H Dean 194
D London 183
B Lessler 180 (#14)
G Yakaitis 145
A Solomon 140 (mod)
S Hettinger ??

Yvette said...

Hillary, u got 194 for 5?? That's awesome girl! :) next year you'll be doing the powerlifting meet.

Yvette said...

Oops I just saw Rookie WOD. Man it's not even Monday. Sorry. FYI Hillary you're still awesome and I still think you should think about the powerlifting meet next year :)

jshish8 said...

Is the idea that your 'ramp' and 'fixed' methods will converge as you become more experienced?

Evan said...

Hi AJ - It's more that they are just 2 different approaches to the 5x5 protocol


165, 185, (200, 205, 210 PR!)

In this example the final 3 sets are "Work sets", culminating in a PR of 210.

The next time the athlete tries this workout, perhaps they get a PR at 215. This is the most typical approach for the 5x5.

Fixed at 200#
x5, x5, x5, x4, x3

In this example, in the final 2 sets, the athlete finished only 4 and 3 reps of the fixed load. The next time the athlete tries this load, maybe they get:
x5, x5, x5, x5, x5

The athlete would then start at 210# the next time they see this workout, having 'graduated' on 5x5 for 200#

Hope that helps!

Evan said...


T.Luz - 210 Fxd
A.Fountain - 305 Rmp
M.Stephen - 230 Rmp
S.Matthews - 200 Fxd
J.Schrader - 220 Rmp PR!!
C.Dodge - 105 Rmp
H.Dean - 145 Rmp
V.Kurian - 185 Fxd
M.Sullivan - 265 Fxd

Mandi said...


T Tom 275
M Treas 235 PR
A Shishineh 230 PR
S Fountain 150 (162.5)
K Berndt 115
J Gipson 115
P Hughes 30

Mandi said...

7PM Rookies!
FGB Variant!
3 Rounds
Body Row-1MIN
Wall Ball-1MIN
Box Jump-1MIN
Push Press-1MIN

R Olade 193
T Sterling 199
HY Tom 264
Y Gorodiskiy 258
AJ Shishineh 367

Great Job Guys!!