Tuesday 3/20/12


5 RFT:
21 Turkish Get-Ups (45/ 33#)
400 m Run

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RachelRose said...

Can we favor one side ie. do more on the side we are good on...

jshish8 said...

Beast mode! I feel bad for that tire!

Yvette said...

Turkish Get-ups!!! I'm so excited. It's on folks. You all are going down :) BTW I like Turkish Get- ups if you couldn't tell.

Teresa said...

7am (35:00 cut-off)
A Shishineh 84 reps Rx'd
C Twaddle 28:01 (15#)
G Yakaitis 31:00 (15#, 15 reps/round)
B Lessler 4 rnds (15#, row)
S Rana 81 reps (15#)
R Morano 68 reps (15#)
H Dean 4 rounds (30#, 10 reps/round)

FYI, this one looked brutal. Morning crew, you guys did an amazing job of sticking to fundamentals to get through it. Great work.

jshish8 said...

One of the most mentally taxing WODs I have ever done.

@Yvette...you will not like TGU after this WOD...and if you do, I will question your sanity. ;)

Jason H said...

Is a full rep up and down? Or just up?

Sujata said...

Brutal, mentally taxing.. all of these!! Like AJ, I dare anyone to like TGUs after this WOD!!

Steve H said...

Yvette, I'm with you on this one rock and roll the whole way. Even if it takes me 45+, just finishing this will be an epic triumph.

RachelRose said...

Jason, up and down is one full rep. You don't have to put the bar down to the ground between reps though, if you switch hands you can switch in the air, and if you stay on the same side I don't think you have to straighten out your bent leg at the end of the rep (I think just getting both shoulders on the ground is the end of the rep). You'd be amazed how much time it takes to just straighten out the bent leg only to bend it again since the bar is above you for those couple of seconds just hangin' out.

Neale said...

6pm (45 min. cut-off):

J Staman 42:15 (25# DB)
S Matthews 44:30 (4 rds @35#)
J Gober 45:00 (3 rds + 20.5 TGU)
A Fountain 45:00 (75 reps @35#)
S Hulin 46:34 Rx'd!!!
K Faro 45:00 (21 reps @45#, 50 reps @35#)
M Davidson 43:30 (15#)

Outstanding job!!!

T said...


S. Fountain 29:41 (15)
J. Hibbard 30:23 (33)
D. London 41:50 (MOD)
J. Harrington 46:42 (40,db)
V. Kurian 84reps (33)
N. Salvardor 53:10


T. Luz 21:39 (MOD)
S. Stephens 34:22 (15)
R. Lieberman 32:43 (MOD)
A. Rigney 35:47 (15)
L. Brown 35:08 (15)
K. Berndt 38:45 (15)
T. Tom 38:55
J. Shrader 45:00 (MOD)
Y. Gorodiskiy 39:12 (35)
E. Dean 47:53 (MOD)
M. Stephen 35:03 (4rds)
Y. Schreiber 45:57

Great job everyone!!!