Saturday 1/21/12

**Classes will be running as normal**

**Please be careful walking from your car to the front door of the gym**

Team WOD

As a team complete:
50 Muscle-ups
100 Power Cleans (#135/#95)
150 Ring push-ups
200 Pistols

Post time to comments

Sunday's Endurance WOD:
Please check the comments for details


jshish8 said...

Nooooo snow. What will I do with my Saturday?

Mandi said...

It is the ice I am worried ice :)

KaseAnne said...

Noooooo ice! This FL girl is terrified of driving on ice!

Mandi said...

Nice job this morning everyone!

Lauren, Brian, Allen, Shannon 12:41
Keith, Eric, Josh, AJ 14:06
Dan, Jessica, Jamison 19:55

Mandi said...

10am Rookies
500M row
50 Thrusters
50 Back Extensions
50 Jump Rope

Hoi Yee 7:55
Shannon 9:13
T 9:43 (#135)
Michael 9:55
Cherk 10:20
Allen 10:32
Stan 11:34
Adam 11:38
Rob 11:46
Leslie 12:15
AJ 12:20 (#135)

RachelRose said...

I love that rookies wod!!! Wish I were there!

Brian Cohee said...

Endurance WOD for sunday, 0900 AM:

Meet at the Diesel Gym at 0900, we will be doing snowy/icy trail running! Plan will be Fartlek style, but I have an idea to add in some randomness to the mix.

See you then!

Rachel L. said...

Teresa is currently in 1st at the Charlottesville superfit after day 1! Great job Teresa!! Keep it up!!

T said...

Way to go T2!

You should start leaving every competition by saying "I'll be back" :)

or get to the chopper - but i think the first one would be more fitting...

jshish8 said...

I'll be backkkkk! Awesome job, Teresa!

Teresa said...

Thanks so much everyone. I'm tied for first with Jenn Jones right now. We'll see how tomorrow goes. Pray for me! :)

On another note, it's a blast! I really hope we can start bringing a team to these local events...hint, hint, nudge, nudge to all you badasses!

Mandi said...

Go on WODclub and give Susan's "WODClub Open Chipper" Video a thumbs up!

Evan said...

Teresa takes 2nd
at CrossFit Charlottesville's 2012 SuperFit Games!

Congratulations Teresa!

Rachel L. said...

Congrats Teresa!! Awesome job!!

Teresa said...

Thanks so much everyone. It was an awesome weekend.