Friday 1/20/12



Front Squat

Compare to: 8/15/11

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T said...

The 5ton5K is mentioned - so is Teresa :)

Allbeit both in relation to Christy Phillips - I have a feeling this is going to change :)

Teresa said...

7am Front Squat/After-Party
A. Shishineh 215#(PR!)/9,4
S. Moore 170#/7
B. Lessler 130#/4,3 (seated)

Great job this morning guys.

Teresa said...

Thanks T!

Hoi_Yee said...

Congrats on the nod on the games page, Teresa! This time next year they'll be featuring you and mentioning some other up and comer!

Rachel L. said...

Teresa, you are such a badass! I cannot wait to see you compete this year.

On a side note, is this where you'd post about incliment weather? I know it's not supposed to be too bad tomorrow, but I never trust the weatherman.

I'm glad to be back... see everyone tonight.

Max W said...


J. Goss: 225
M. Sullivan: 245
M. Gross: 205 PR
K. Palmisano: 185
S. Hulin: 255 PR
J. Dorsey: 175 PR
K. Faro: 155


J. Hibbard: 205
J. Shrader: 200 PR
A. Fountain: 240 PR
R. Morano: 130 PR
R. Lieberman: 145 PR
A. Middleton: 105 PR
H.Y. Tom: 145 PR
Y. Schreiber: 150 PR
E. Dean: 135
S. Fountain: 135 PR
K. Berndt: 100
J. Schreiber: 315 PR
J. Gipson: 120 PR (to bench)
T. Tom: 285 PR

Teresa said...

Thank you all so much for the kind words.

T said...

305x1 PR