Tuesday 11/1/11



5 Rounds for time

50' OH Wallking Lunges (Empty Barell)
10 Pull-Up

Post time to comments
Movember is starting


Jason H said...

Friday night Paleo-Zone dinner at our place. Post a message or let me know if you can make it. I'm thinking 8pm so we can still have open gym first.

Evan said...

Jason: Yum!

7:00 am

Whitney 8:24
Evan 8:52 (Strict PU 10,8,6,4,2)

Mike T said...

Does anyone like fresh cranberries? I bought a 3 lb bag of them but I can't stand to eat them anymore.

RachelRose said...

Mike I would loooove some

Michael said...

Jason, is this a pot-luck setup? Alison and I are thinking about attending. It's not clear if we'll bring the infant, but he won't be eating table food either way.

jshish8 said...

Mike, I would like some cranberries...

Sujata said...

Evan, is the Tues 7am class now a "regular" WOD rather than a Rookies class?

Evan said...

Nope. No rookies, and 1 client is a 1 on 1 personal training session.

Evan said...

5:00 PM

AJ S 4:03
Teresa 4:18
Mike G 4:22
Dan H 5:32
Jim 5:55
Matt 6:55
Vinu 7:35
Kevin 9:18

Evan said...

Blogger is acting funny Gang.

Coaches, if you are unable to post - Just leave the times on the board and I'll get them tomorrow.

jshish8 said...

Mike, I forgot the berries...can I get them tomorrow??

RachelRose said...

Thanks mike!!!

Teresa said...

T 5:09
Susan 5:17
Chris 6:02
Jamison 6:09
Jesse 6:25
Jason H.7:10
Rachel L. 8:50
Yvette 9:24
Kim 10:31

Hoi Yee 5:51 (15#)
Rachel M. 5:53 (purple, 5PUs per round)
Mike T. 9:53 (red)
Shannon 10:24 (purple)
Jay 8:24 (PVC, body rows)

T said...

Josh 8:04
Sarah 10:30
Dipti 10:35 (rom)
Sean 10:48

Great job guys!!

Yvette said...

Well here it is in print Jason. Jason (my Jason that is) and I are in for Friday night after open gym :) what were you think $ per person so I can make sure I get it to ya.