Friday 10/7/11




Compare to 8/18/11

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Good Luck Jason S., Susan, Teresa & Tyler
at the Beast of the East this weekend!

Special Events
Crossfit Diesel's first ever Nutrition Challenge will begin on Monday 10/17/11! Registration will be all next week with more details to follow. Get Ready.


Mike T said...

Their will be a few people doing the 5ton5k WOD tonight during open gym. Anyone else interested in doing that WOD are welcome to join. I will not be doing this WOD tonight but I will be their to cheer on and help assist anyone else that wants to give this WOD a go.

Teresa said...

AJ 185
Hil 105 (PR) :D
Rachel M. 85

Mandi said...

Matt 240PR (252.5x1PR)
Sean 185 (190x2)
Vinu 180
Dan H 160 (165x2)
Jason H 155 (160x1)
Kim 80 (85x1.5 :))
Mandi 80 (85x2)
Jason G was here

Steve 225 (245x2)
Mike T 185 (195x2)
Jesse 175PR (185x2)
Rachel L 100 (105x1)PR
Shannon 95 (102.5x1)PR
Jay 85 (95x1)