Tuesday 8/23/11


Back Squat


Compare to: 12/3/10

*A Sign-up Sheet for the West Virginia FGB6 trip will be posted on the bulletin board.

*Crossfit Diesel will be going to Earth Treks this Saturday (8/27/11) for some rock climbing fun. An informal safety and knot tying instruction will take place this friday at 7pm during open gym. Please click the Earth Treks link for pricing information. Everyone will need a day pass, shoes and a harness.

There's Mandi! along with
other awesome CrossFiters.
Recognize any?


Teresa said...

7am Rookie WOD:
10min AMRAP
10 WB
10 KBS

Vinu 7+5 (20#/53#)
Dominic 8+12 (36#/14#)
Hilary 6+2 (25#/10#)
Bob S. 3 (36#/14#)

Evan said...

Sorry about that guys. I dropped an Atlas Stone. You probably felt a rumbling...

Rachel L. said...

Thanks for the laugh Evan! I needed that! :)

Evan said...


Matt 265
Jim 215 ?or heavier?
Mike G 215 (221x2)
Dan 215 pr
AJ 195 pr
Kevin 135
Rachel M 130 pr
Kim 107.5


Chris 235 (245x2) Box
Mike T 225 PR Box
Josh 175 (185x1) Box
Hoi Yee 140 Box

Matt said...

Note to future self:
285 x 3 ; 285 x 2 ; 285 x 5 with beige bands

T said...

T 325 (On a Precor Squat Rack - major cheating having the weight on rails...)

Jay said...

In Fairbanks, Alaska! Crossfitfairbanks.com WOD - not timed, just work on form, and run all out:
12 rnds: 1 clean @ 65#, sprint 20 yds
rest 2 minutes
12 rnds: 1 power snatch @ 35#, sprint 20 yds
Since it wasn't timed, I actually finished! I miss you guys, but they were very friendly and helpful up here, too - just one big Crossfit family! Evan - hang on to those Atlas stones, will ya? See you next week!

RachelRose said...

Jay, we miss you too! Can't wait to hear about your adventures in Alaska. Nice job on the work out :)

Steve H said...

NWC (At Diesel)
Steve H - 300 PR

Mandi said...

Woohoo, Awesome job Jay! Have fun.

Mandi said...

Mandi - Solo on 8/25/11
to a 12" box