Wednesday 7/27/11




Bench Press
Press (Strict)

Compare to: 9/20/10

*Try to increase load on each lift

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Michael said...

So, given the "then," I take it we do all the bench presses then all the (shoulder) presses. Is that correct?

Jason H said...

Hey Guys, party at our place Saturday August 6th starting around 5pm.

Just bring a paleo-esque appetizer and your beverage of choice.

Address will be posted on board at the gym. RSVP/ask questions to Susan, Mike or myself. Hope to see you guys out.

jshish8 said...

Is this intended to find a 1rm? In the past I have been used to the '1-1-1-1-1-1-1' format to find a 1rm.

Jason Schreiber, HKC said...

Yvette Schreiber
Bench Press: 90 lbs
Overhead Press: 80 lbs

Jason Schreiber
Bench Press: 245 lbs
Overhead Press: 155 lbs

Mandi said...

Michael G 210/112.5
Vinu 185/125
AJ 175x2/115
Dan H 175/115
Ben S 175
Whitney 115PR/75
Rachel M. 95/70
Mandi 92.5PR/dnf
Sujata 70/dnf

T 255/145
Luke 255/125
Jamison 205PR/130PR
Chris 195/115
Jesse S 185PR/dnf (95)
Jason H 145/95
Shannon 95/75

Kathleen 62.5/42x2