Saturday 7/23/11

Team WOD
AMRAP 20 minutes : Teams of 2

- Athlete 1 performs:

10 Pistols (alternating)
15 Kettlebell Swings (#53/#35)
20 Sit-ups

- While person 2 holds a medicine ball (#20/#15) overhead.

After person 1 is finished the round - switch & continue in this fashion for 20 minutes

(Post rounds to comments)

Compare to: 1/15/11


TBA said...
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RachelRose said...

Sorry, the last comment was me! I said something like this:

Ah ha! That picture was at last year's 5ton 5K!! Can't wait until this year's event! Good times and good people- as always :)

Then I realized I was signed in under another account, linked to a blog I started over the winter that reads a bit like a diary. So I freaked out and erased it. HAHAHAHA. There were only 12 entries! I really don't get bloggers. How do people write about personal trials and triumphs with such openness? I can't do it. My trials and triumphs happen right there on the floor of CFD on a nearly daily basis. And that's just the way I like it.

Evan said...

Awesome job gang!

9:00 am

10+8 Dan & Brian
10+25 Teresa & Lauren (Rx/Sc)
9+31 (+10 Burpee) Joey & Jeff (Rx/Sc)
9+11 Rachel M & Hilary (Rx/Sc)
9+22 Mike & Kevin (Sc)
10+37 Shannon & Kim (Sc)
9+6 (+10 Burpee) Donte & Keith (Sc?)

10:00 Rookie WOD 2.2

Yaofu 5+6 (sc)
Jason R 5 (sc)
Anansa 3+8 (sc)

Evan said...

Great Week Steve!

Teresa said...

I'll have to second that! Great week of programming. To say I'm a little beat up is an understatement, but the workouts were amazing. Thanks so much!

K said...

We did box pistols.

I agree with the above posters-- a brutal but good week.

The Etruscan said...

Steve is a BAD, BAD man. Let's have him program more.

Sujata said...

Steve, please do program again as I missed out on most of your great WODs - was up in PA doing some flyfishing but now am back and in need of CFD WODs and less of unhealthy carbs!

Brian Cohee said...

I scaled the pistols to a box.

Dan Hook said...

Are box pistols always considered a scale, or does it depend on the height of the box?

Yvette said...

Are you guys crazy?? Don't encourage Steve. My body is feeling pains it's never felt before in my life... seriously I hurt.

RachelRose said...

My butt hurts, likely from those pistols, which are officially my new favorite exercise ;) but Yvette I feel the opposite, the more pain the better. No pain, no gain!