Tuesday 6/28/11



5 Rounds of:

3 Bench Press then
Max Rep Toes to Bar

Post load & Reps for each round to comments

Mid-Atlantic Regionals

Kelly Starrett speaks at Google Health Day!
This is the information he teaches at the mobility certification course, free online for you viewing pleasure!


T said...

Continuing the thread from yesterday - Sarah, HY and I are game for dinner/booze after open gym friday. We should go someplace w/outdoor seating if it's nice, maybe Union Jacks or Pub Dog?

Rachel L. said...

I will be around for dinner/booze too! Count me in!

Sarah said...

outdoor seating is good cuz we will be stinky!

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

haha, they gave us a separate room last time.

Evan said...

Rookie WOD 4:
Press/ Back Squat

Rachel 1x74.5 PR!!!/1x132.5
Hilary 4x55/6x105 PR :)
Yvette 3x67.5/ 8x135 PR :)

Yvette said...

Evan, I like how you included the happy faces I wrote on the board next to our PR's. You should really get that bell for future PR's for the gym :)

Mandi said...

Bobby 185x2/14-165/13-165/13-165/12-165/9
Dan H 165/24-155/10-145/12-145/13-155/15
Keith 155x1/21-145/15-145/14-145/13-145x2/11
Kim 75/15-80x1/?-77.5x2/?-77.5x2/?
Steve H 245x1/13-205/24-215/12-215/12-215/12
Susan (#95clean) 3/30PR-3/15-3/15-3/15-3/10
Teresa 120/31PR-120/26-120/23-120/20-120/19

Brian 215/28-205/18-205/15-205/15-205/13
Deb (#30press,GB-PU) 16/5-17/6-18/4-16/4-18/5
Donte 185/10-225/10-235/10-245/10
Hoi Yee 85/26-90/15-90/12-90/12-90/15
Jason H 155/6-135/7-145/9-145/6-145/7
Jesse S 165/9-165/7-165/8-165/7-165/6
Mike T 165/1-170/1-175/1-180/1-185/?
T 225/21-230/16-235/13-240/10-145/10

Jason C (#/tuck hang for seconds)135/13-145/23-155/28-165x2/29-165x2/?
Luke 215/19-215/20-215/11-215/13-215/11
Mandi (#75bench/#85frontsquat) 3/8-3/6-3/5-3/6-3/4
Sarah (#95) 3/23-3/18-3/15-2/17-1/13

Mandi said...

Nice work Rachel, Hilary & Yvette!