Tuesday 4/5/11



Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

Post time to comments.

Compare to 9/21/10

Come cheer on Cain and Susan at the 2011 Capital City Open Weightlifting Meet this Saturday!

Where: Balance Gym, 2200 California St. NW, DC
- Susan is scheduled to lift at 12 PM
- Cain is scheduled to lift at 6 PM


Cain said...

All women's divisions begin lifting at 12.

Evan said...

Thanks Cain!

I've updated the post. :)

Evan said...

10:00 am

Whitney 21:51 (Bent Knee Hip Ex.)
Susan 21:54

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

A good mobility wod for fellow cube/desk people who are hunched over all day.


Evan said...


My Bad Jason. That should read 7:00 am Class, not 10:00 am

Mandi said...

at home 23:10
about 40seconds slower with no one to chase.

Anonymous said...

At home (because I'm sick with a cold so I didn't want to infect others): 29:49 (scaled to 25 reps during rounds 2 & 3).

I had to laugh - I yelled out "TIME" just like I would there! Felt good!

Mandi said...


Mike S 21:57
Mark G 25:51
Phil 29:05
Cain 29:33
Andriana 30:10
Donte 30:36

Cain said...

I was in the second heat, minus two minutes... 27:33.

RachelRose said...

I plan on doing this WOD at Friday night's open gym (if I get out of work on time); just thought I'd post this in case anyone else would like to do this WOD with me then. We will rock it.

Mandi said...


Teresa 21:40
Shannon 22:51
Jamison 23:31 (PR)
Keith 24:04
Jesse S 25:41
Irene 26:08 (rx'd- 800/25/25)
Kassim 28:02
Mike T 28:09


Ray 22:18
Amy 22:23
Kim 23:03
Crystal 23:36 (800/25/25)
Chris 24:24
Hoi Yee 24:34 (Row)
Gino 28:40