Thursday 3/3/11


Squat Clean


Compare to 1/19/11

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7am - Evan
5pm - Mandi
6pm - Mandi
7pm - Tyler


RachelRose said...

For Evan- #300 yoke walk :)

maggie said...
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maggie said...

as much as i want to make it today...i think i need a rest day!

Evan said...

7:00 am

Rachel 92.5 PR!
Ken 135 (pc 145x1)

Sujata said...

Go Rachel! Great lifting!!

RachelRose said...

Thanks Sujata!

Mandi said...

Mike S. 195
T 195
Jamison 185 PR
Matt 185
Jesse W 175 (185x1)
Dan 175 PR
Michael G. 172.5 PR
Jason C 145
Donte 135 rom
Jesse S 135
Jose 115
Mike T 95
Rafael 65 HPC

Teresa 120 (125x2) :(
Whitney 115
Hoi Yee 95
Mandi 90
Steve H 83
Kim 72.5
John M 68.5

Unknown said...

Oh, I forgot my numbers. I like the 68.5, I'll keep it if that's me. If it's somebody else, put me down for it too. :)

RachelRose said...

Whitney and Kim were both PR's! Way to go ladies!

whitney said...

Thanks rach! You did ab awesome job today!! I saw your pr! :) thanks again fir the kombucha! It helped soo much!

Steve H said...

Wow 83#'s must be my all time record.

Steve H - 215
John M - 225
John M Front Squat Challenge - 315 GR/PR