Monday 3/7/11


"Gates of Hotel"

For time:

100 Dumbell Squat Cleans into a Thruster (choose any load)
and Insert 5 Burpees on each minute mark

Note: there will be a 15 minute time limit.

Click here for a video demo: Jason Kalipa

(Post time and load to comments)


Evan said...

Think of it as a mercy killing.

We have found that if the WOD is not finished in the ballpark of 10 minutes, then the athlete is stringing together an insufficient number of the "primary lift", after the "hurdle lift"(ie. not making significant forward progress in the WOD).

Scaling the number of reps on the hurdle lift dramatically changes recovery, and may be essential.

Evan said...

10:00 AM'ers

Ray 12:57 (20#)
Amy 14:34 (12-10#, 5-3 Brps.)
Donte 97 (20#, 5-3 Brps.)
Gene 95 (15#, 5-3-1 Brps.)

Sujata said...

Evan, in addition to the primary and hurdle lifts where does the burpee fit into all this? Or is that supposed to be the mercy killing part of the WOD?! Should we pick an optimal load on the DBs, try and do the 100 but scale burpees if we have to??

Evan said...

Primary Lift = Sq Clean into Thruster

Hurdle = Burpee

It should be noted that Hanging Squat Clean is what we are doing (just like in the Kalipa Demo)

Evan said...

You are trying to pick a load with which you will complete the 100 reps.

Scale the burpees if you have to, it will dramatically help your "recovery".

Sujata said...

Thanks for the explanation Evan!

T said...
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T said...


Mike G 11:32 (20#)
Hoi Yee 11:39 (12#, 5-4 Brps)
Sujata 12:28 (10#, 3 Brps)
Steve H 14:32 (25#)
Matt 92 (15#)
Dan H 84 (20#)
John M 55 (40#, 3 Brps)

Evan said...


Susan 8:53 (10#)
Jamison 13:26 (20#)
Jesse W 13:48 (25#)
Jesse S 14:40 (15#, 5-x brps.)
Phil 85 (20#, 5-x brps.)
Kassim 80 (25?#, Brps-Push Ups)
Maggie 78 (20#)

Evan said...


Whitney 9:00 (12#)
Kim 9:26 (8#, 3 Brps.)
Mark G 13:54 (15#)
Jose 90 (20#, 5-1 Brps.)

Mike T said...


10 rounds

5 rounds with no assist on pull-ups rest with red band


500m row with average 1:41