Wednesday 12/15/10



50 Kettlebell Swing (70/ 53#)
50 GHD Sit-Ups
50 Hip Extensions
50 Knees to Elbows

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Sean & Lindsay's lovable hound sporting a Crossfit Diesel shirt!


RachelRose said...

Ditto :)

RachelRose said...

(the WOD and the cute tough Diesel hound)

Mandi said...

Michael G.'s finger is not broken, but was dislocated. It went back in place on the way to the hospital. We will keep you posted as soon as we hear more info.

lindsaygirl said...

That's our boy... i love my little hound. He keeps me company when i do WODS in our basement...i thought it only fitting that he wear my gear! :) miss you guys.
sorry to hear about Mike's finger. ouch

Mike T said...

I think we found our official CFD mascot.

Oh Even & Mandi you have got to stop programing these finger breaking and dislocating WODs.

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

Heal up quick Mike!

Unknown said...

When the Danger WOD becomes Save your fingers for time, maybe we should lower the danger quotient in the gym. Perhaps implementing the sharks is safer than doing metcons. Or we could just invite Dave Castro, play that Village People song In The Navy, and then dodge the 2.5lbs weights for time. What about bringing J some wax for his head? Don't run, you'll just die tired. I recommend yelling as many obscenities as possible before he kills you.

Mandi said...

why am I laughing?

Unknown said...

Because J and I are bargaining right now on what the shooting conditions would be for me to let him shoot at me to see if I can get out my obscene sentence... Right now, he says 1000m with wind, slushy snow, and hills. My counter is 1200m, no slush, with wind, open sights.

Cain said...

Now Mike can play neat pranks on people with his mobile digit. "Hey pull my finger... AHHH look what you did!" *pop* "Just kidding".

Unknown said...

Jason and I have terms. Who wants to be my second?

Cain said...

Hey Mike how about an xray?

T said...

Wait, is it 3-2-1-go-*BANG* or 3-2-1-*BANG*?

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

Mike, I'm sure the doctors were able to straighten things out for you..

(budum tsss)

Or at least help you get things pointed in the right direction.

I'll be here all week.

Cain said...

Jamison... hilarious

Evan said...

Time, Perceived Virtuosity%, (scales)

Jason G 11:18 (85%)
Evan 14:49 (95%)
Tyler 14:52
Jamison 17:19
Chris 15:51 (35#, Ring KtE)
Mike T 16:36 (35#, Ring KtE - 95%)

Teresa 13:55 (100%)
Whitney 12:54 (K2T-K2A)
Rachel 13:39 (Ring KtE)
Irene 15:08 (26#, GHD Rom, Ring KtE)
Deb 9:55 (30 reps, 35# Press, Ring KtE)
Lisa 6:50 (30 reps, 18#, Ring KtE)

Evan said...

"Optimal" would be debatable, just as "Standards" can be subjective.

Take this Wednesday WOD as an example. Athletes could self-asses their quality of performance.

Jamison rated himself at a 99% because he had a rep or 2 where only 1 knee made contact on his K2E. I experienced a few reps similar to Jamie's, but I also dropped to singles by the end, which I don't consider ideal, and so I scored myself at a 95%

A clean rep is a very nice thing, and it should never be anyone's intent to throw a sloppy rep: Rather, Athletes have to realize that a bad rep will happen, at some point. It is up to the Judge, coach, or individual whether or not to count the bad rep.

"80% good and 20% slop" is a concept that stirred up a hornets nest in the CrossFit Community. It does have its place, but perhaps should be rephrased - "Slop" should read "Barely Off".