Tuesday 12/28/10



7 Rounds for time:

9 Double Unders
6 Ring Dips
3 Squat Cleans (135/ 85#)

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Nelson's Fat Ass 50K - 2010
2011 is around the corner gang ...


Evan said...

Nelson's is a 50k (actually, it's a 25k that is run twice) - Which starts and ends at Lake Elkhorn. It is run on the 1st Saturday of the new year.

RachelRose said...

So is that THIS Saturday? Are there people who run, jog, and run all in the same event? I couldn't find the website, is there one?

Evan said...

No website. People meet up at the back of Nelson's house, which is on Lake Elkhorn. It is either this or next Saturday. Pat would probably know.

T said...

7:19 (first in class) - 20"/30#
Box Jump (24"/20")
Ring Push Ups (off the box)
Ball Slams (30#/20#)

Ran at Hyperfit USA in Ann Arbor, MI.

Definitely different jumping to a box than to a tire, they didn't have enough 24"'s but that's probably for the best as the box was a little wobbly when I didn't land right (too forward, too right, too left etc). We should make a bunch of boxs, it was definitely a different experience and one that I could see making box jumps better (more accurate at the very least).

See you all next week!

Evan said...

Box Party! A Saturday in the near future!

Evan said...

Teresa 8:50
Mandi 12:42 (75#)
Kim 8:55 (50#, red)
Deb 12:07 (30# press, red, j.pull-up)

Jesse W 10:13
Evan 7:20 (115#)
Steve S 10:20 (115#)
Mike S 12:17 (115#)
Kassim 13:47 (115#)
Vinu 12:07 (115#, red)
Keith 13:50 (95#, dip rom)
Cain 10:22 (87.5#, bar dips)
Mike T 8:52 (Single, red, 75#)
Gino 11:13 (5 du, 75#, green-blue bar)
Mark G 13:43 (P.Cl 65#, red, 14 du)

RachelRose said...

PAT!? I'm too curious. Well, let us know when you know if it is this or next Sat Evan. And can people walk part of it?

Bobby Gill said...

Rachel, walking is a big part of ultrarunning. We generally walk the ups, run the downs and run the flats, or, if it's all flat then throw in a periodic walk break. I'm still recovering from a 100k two weeks back, but if I'm back to 100% then definitely count me in for Nelsons FA.

Fatass = free, low-key ultramarathon with no swag or prizes, but aid stations provided by volunteers.

RachelRose said...

Thanks Bobby!! Super :) I'm definitely in, just maybe not if it's this Saturday. Somehow I do not want to give up celebrating New Year's Eve.... I'm really happy that there is walking....
100k!??? In one day??!! You must have a lot to talk about (not that you would use energy talking on a day when you are travelling 60 miles by foot)!!

RachelRose said...

Oh, my other question (sorry so many) is what is the pace? Like is there a fast, regular, and slow group?

Bobby Gill said...

Paces are generally scattered, but yeah if there are enough people then there are usually groups of runners with similar paces that end up running together. The camaraderie helps the time go by. Terrain usually dictates the pace, too. For example, I've had 50k's with times ranging from 4:10 to 7:30.

RachelRose said...

Bobby, thanks for keeping the info coming! I would likely be in the 6-7 hour range (probably more on the 7 hour side). :)