Thursday 12/16/10



Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

15 Wallball (#20/#15)
15 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (#95/#65)

Post rounds to comments

Greg Amundson of


RachelRose said...

Cannot make it today, so this am at home:

50 burpees
100 #40 (KB) SDHP

14 and some change.
Wish I had time to do more fun stuff this morning.

Unknown said...


The first ingredient for danger is of course being alone. You need to know that if you fuck up no one will be there to help you. It's called self reliance people, Danger WOD will teach it to you. Second ingredient, get naked. If you're naked you will be less likely to give up and die, no one wants their naked corpse to be found in a compromising position, just ask David Carradine.

Unknown said...

I recommend that you take your time, like shooter #1, when you and I have our duel. What Castro got horribly wrong in that video was that #1 didn't finish and say, "That was a cool work out." He finished and said, "Why is Jason passed out naked on the ground under a 600 pound bar? Oh, I'm going to go back to my biceps curls. Your work out was real fun, what's next?"

Mandi said...

Steve S. 4+5
John M. 3+26
Dan 3+25
Matt 3+18
Kristian 3+7
Evan 4+25 (#75)
Jamison 4+22 (#75)
Chris 4+2 (#65)
Jesse S. 3+8 (#65)
Gino 3+15 (#65, #15)

Susan 4
Sarah 3+15
Mandi 3+10

Michael G. 5+9 (1 arm DB Thruster #35, 1 arm KB SDHP #53)

Mandi said...

Teresa 5+14