Monday 12/6/10



Clean & Jerk


Compare to 6/18/10

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Annie launching a clean

CrossFit Diesel Hoodies!
[WOMENS's ] [MEN's]
What's your size?

Also, we're ordering more Tee's! :)
If all goes well, we'll have everything in for the holidays


Cain said...

Why do you always put the cool WODs on nights when I have class? I can't miss even a minute, it's the end of the semester. :(

Bobby Gill said...

cain, couldn't you can make up this one at a globogym (if you belong to one) and still go to class?

men's medium hoodie, por favor.

T said...

men's hoodie, large.

Cain said...

We have a membership to the CA (blah). Dropping iron weights from overhead at the Columbia Association would get me kicked out after one rep. They don't have bumper plates.

Matt said...

men's hoodie, large

Steve H said...

Mens hoodie - large

Cain said...

You know what would be interesting? On one day we find our thruster 1RM and then did Fran the next day, and we all used exactly our 50% 1RM weight. I guess that would be interesting for any weighted WOD C&J followed by Grace, et cetera...

Mandi said...

Jason G. 220
John M. 220PR
Andy W. 215PR
T 215PR
Matt 205PR
John H. 185PR
Bobby 175PR
Mike G. 175PR
Jesse W. 175
Dan 165PR
Ken ???

Sarah 120PR
Audrey 110PR
Black 105PR
Leslie 105PR
Mandi 102.5PR
Rachel 90PR

Sarah said...

There is a wod called the Fran Total: establish a 1RM thruster and a max rep pull-up. I think that would be fun.

Are the hoodies in mens and womens sizes or are they in unisex sizes?

Evan said...

Unisex, Sarah.

We've gotten requests for about 12 Black and 1 or 2 Grey

Joseph said...
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Joseph said...

Men's hoodie, black. XL.

Meghan said...

small black hoodie, please :)

T said...

Didn't realize we were specifying color too... grey please.

Bobby Gill said...

grey for my medium