Tuesday 11/30/10



5 rounds for time:
30 Sit-ups
3 Handstand Push-ups
30 Squats

Post time to comments

Yay Diesel Powerlifting!


Michael said...


RachelRose said...

Jason I am loving the programming :) Thank you!!

Mandi said...

Yes, this entire week is brought to you by Jason! It looks fun :)

Cain said...

I found smartness on the interwebs and you can too! I think I need to scale things more.


Michael said...

Needs more HSPUs.

Matt said...

Ddi the times for Friday's Filthy 50 get erased before they were recorded? I only ask, because I don't remember what I did and the times hadn't shown up in the comments.

Evan said...

Times are coming ... :)

Evan said...

Michael G 7:07
Evan 7:56
Steve 9:24
Dan 11:43
Ken 10:11
Jason G 10:27
John O 11:53
Colin 13:13
John M 13:44
Jamison 10:37 (abmat)
Keith 12:39 (abmat)
Vinu 13:09 (abmat, wall sit-ups)
Cain 14:52 (abmat)
Mike T 13:01 (pike)
Chris 13:36 (pike)
Jesse S 14:11 (pike)
Gino 16:36 (24” box pike)

Mandi 10:15
Kim 10:03 (3 abmats)
Sujata 11:15 (pike)
Molly 11:23 (pike)
Rachel 11:29 (pike)
Julie B 13:27 (pike)
Kate 14:43 (pike)
Lisa 12:57 (pike, good morning)
Marcia 11:53 (15reps, #10(x2) 15 reps)

GinoV said...

Holy CROSSFIT Batman!!!! That WOD was very close to getting the best of me... Thanks for the extra push team!!!

jacksbadassgoat said...

7:29, I think as rx'd, but my hair's pretty tall at the moment.

jacksbadassgoat said...

are those numbers with GHD?

Evan said...

No GHD, just a regular Sit-Up.

Noted under Vinu's time is a "wall sit-up", which is a harder standard of range of motion (he went the extra mile!)