Tuesday 9/21/10



3 rounds for time:

800 m Run
50 Back Extensions*
50 Sit-Ups

Note: Use GHD for Hip Extensions if it is available; otherwise, substitute Barbell Good-mornings

Compare to 7/10/10

(Post time to comments)

Evan getting in some overhead walking lunges


Mandi said...

Happy Birthday Donte!
Happy Birthday Meghan!

So we are thinking of a required number of burpees for the lucky birthday people. Either as many as they are old....or 100-their age!?!?

Cain said...

Mandi I think it would be fair for athletes to pick a WOD but they also have to do their age in burpees immediately following a WOD on a different day (chosen by Mandi and Evan), but before their birthday.

Also, Tuesday nights after speed day, we're going to a random Mongolian Grill to fill up on bowls of meat. From 70sbig.com "Eating is training...If you don’t have at least one dining experience every couple of weeks that resembles an epic struggle worthy of telling over beers, you’ll be putting from the rough for the foreseeable future." John and I have scouted out one place, this is a great idea.

Unknown said...

Yes, you throw a bunch of meats in a bowl, toss some sauce on it, and they grill it up. It's epic.

As for burpees, I say that if you choose a birthday WOD, then you pay the burpee penalty. If not, you don't get a burpee penalty. Not everybody wants to do burpees for their birthday, namely me.

RachelRose said...

The 2009 CrossFit Games
Final Event Chipper WOD:

15 barbells cleans (155#/100#)
30 toes to bar
30 box jumps (24"/20")
15 muscle-ups (10 muscle-ups females)
30 push presses (40#DB's/25#DB's)
30 double-unders
15 thrusters (135#/95#)
30 pull-ups
30 burpees
300ft Overhead walking lunges (45# plate/25# plate)

For my bday on October 16th pretty please :) We can substitute the muscle ups with dips. And I can do 30 burpees tomorrow in return, why not.

Michael said...

Ah, Michael. I'd guess I'd better show for this one.

Mike T said...

Happy Birthday Donte and Meghan.

Jason and John what better way to tell one's age then to do burpees on one's birthday. Beside Jason you just did 100 burpees for a WOD so doing 50 burpees for your birthday should be no problem.

Dan Hook said...

Rachel, the traditional Labor Day WOD is a variation of that one.

Mandi said...

I just noticed crossfit.com is doing the same WOD as Diesel is today! If you have a desire to compare times this is your chance.

RachelRose said...

Happy Birthday Donte and Meghan!!! Dan, that's right! Epic!

Mandi said...

Mike G 19:33 PR
Rachel 21:33
Evan 22:02
Mandi 22:27
Steve 22:30
Keith 22:36
Melissa 22:40
Amee 23:07
Dan 23:48
Kristian 23:51
Tyler 23:55
John M 25:04
Vinu 25:14
Jamison 25:33
Cain 25:52
Mike T 30:11 (Row)
Lance 30:28 (40 sit-ups)
Marcia 21:44 (500m row, 25/25)
Matt DNF :(

RachelRose said...

how did whitney do?

Mandi said...

Whitney did awesome....19 and some change...and she said she was not a fast runner!!!
I do not remember the exact time, pease post it Whitney.