Tuesday 8/10/10



5 Rounds for time:

200 Meter Run
6 Push Press (#135/#85)
9 Burpees (yay burpees)

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Marcia getting fit on her 62nd Birthday. Way to go Marcia!


Cain said...

All right that's enough of that 'yay burpees' everytime we say burpees! (yay burpees!)

Mandi said...

T 10:02
Jason 11:51
Steve 13:23
Mike G. 13:26
Mike S. 20:15
Kristian 11:23 (#115)
Cain 11:15 (#95)
Vinu 13:32 (#95)
Dan 12:01 (#85)
Keith 14:02 (#85)
Mike T. 15:19 (#75)

Susan 16:45
Sharron 11:48 (#65)
Rachel 24:05 ( 65x3/55/60)
Mandi 12:23 (#45)
Kim 14:01 (#42.5)
Marcia 12:58 ( 4rnds: row, #25, sit-up)

Evan nwc 14:17

Mandi said...

On-Ramps WOD:

5 rounds for time:
15 medball cleans (#20/#15)
15 push-ups

Teresa 5:58
Bobby 6:44
Jeff 9:10 (some knee push-ups)
Katie 8:20 (#10, 15-10 reps, Mat Push-ups)
Irene 8:30 (4 rnds: #10, 10 reps)

lindsaygirl said...

Lindsay 13:04 (70# pp, knee PU on burpee)... i have a nice bruise from when i dropped the barbell on my clavicle (AGAIN).

Evan said...

Hi Lindsay! How's the new place?

I see you've gotten some gear, nice! And don't worry about the bruises, I'm sure you look fabulous in purple :)

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...


lindsaygirl said...

@ Evan... place looks great, we settle this friday so our WOD for that day and weekend will be moving odd objects from POD to house. :) Unfortunately we haven't purchased any gear, i was working out at a globo gym across the street from my work. But i have met a trainer there who wants to put together crossfitesque classes... its just that i'm the only one interested. I think that will change soon. :)

And yes, purple does look good on me.

Unfortunately I haven't been back to the gym since I did this WOD. Lots going on... but i would like to ask that everyone think positive thoughts about our puppy Kuma... he's not doing well at all. :( He could possibly have Lymphoma. :( I'll keep you updated. I hope to see everyone soon.