Saturday 8/7/10



Backsquat 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps

Post total load (all up all six barbell loads) to comments

Compare to 5/19/10


Mandi said...

John M 325-255-340-225-355PR-185: 1685
Cain 205-150-235-135-250-120 PR: 1095
Mike T. 185-155-195-135-205: 875
Anita 175-135-185-115-195x-95x4: 610/705
Sharron 100-85-135-95-150-85: 650
Rachel 80-65-85-50-95-45: 420
Kim 80-60-85-50-95-45: 415

Evan said...

Yup, we were joking about naming it at the end of the day, to either The Wrecker" or "CrossFit Wrecks You". Also, we put it up on the dry erase board.

Don't be surprised if "Back in Line" makes its way up their, too.