Saturday 7/3/10



3 Rounds for time

30 Wallball (20/15 #)
30 Burpee

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Today's class will be taught by Coach Steve


Dan Hook said...

At least there are no knees to elbows involved...

T said...

That new box down in DC got themselves onto the main page...

Someone should submit that picture of John tangled in the bands and get Diesel some cred.

Unknown said...


I did submit a picture of Susan flipping a log. I think I'll just go ahead and submit your pic of the 500lbs squat and Keith yelling furies while he squats big.

Steve H said...

Great job today, visitors included!

Ian 13:48
Gary 14:08
Dan 18:02
John M 18:56
Cain 21:57
Donte 22:25
Rachel 17:00 10#, ROM WB

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

19:01 it almost was a date with pukie