Tuesday 6/8/10


"Back in Line"

For Time:

500 m Row
50 Double Unders
40 Wallball (20/ 15#)
30 Burpees
20 Knee to Elbow

Rest 3 minutes - Get back in line & do it again.

Compare to 3/15/10

(Subtract 3 minutes from your total time and post to comments)

NOTICE: This weekend Crossfit Diesel will be hosting the Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting Cert. Some spaces are still available, please click here to registar.

This Saturday's 9am will be cancelled as a result.

Additionally, Susan has opened her home for a Cook-Out on Saturday evening for those attending the cert. Directions will be at the gym. If you would like to bring something to share please post to comments or on Facebook.


Pat said...

This WOD is going to make me late to work tomorrow. See everyone at the 7am class.

Pat said...

Couldn't be happier that I'm done with that one. Good luck!

Cain said...

The LESS fun it sounds like the MORE fun it is? This sounds awful...

Julie said...

THIS is the WOD I have to come back to? Crap.

Steve H said...

I don't even remember doing this one back in March. Looks like I get to forget again (hopefully with a faster time this time through)!

Cain said...

OOPS! I scaled 2 not 1. Please adjust when you add the times... tanx!

Evan said...

Brian C 26:51
Evan 27:52
Mike G 31:12
Tyler 33:19
Jason 36:39
Sean 38:05
Steve H 26:10 (1 Scale)
Pat 27:38 (1 Scale)
Kristian 29:45 (1 Scale)
John M 31:31 (1 Scale)
Dillon 34:46 (1 Scale)
Keith 36:55 (1 Scale)
Dan 38:38 (1 Scale)
Chris 40:53 (1 Scale)
Cain 43:29 (2 Scales)
Mike T 37:59 (3 Scales)
Mike B 42:14 (3 Scales)
Shane 42:27 (3 Scales)

Mandi 32:39 (1 Scale)
Anita 30:44 (3 Scales)
Meghan 30:01 (4 Scales)
Julie 31:18 (4 Scales)
Deb 34:36 (4 Scales)
Rachel 37:30 (4 Scales)

Evan said...

Pacing this WOD is wicked-hard.

On round 1 after the rower, I couldn't get 1 DU to save my life. After that, I took ~30 seconds before the start of each new move - Then I'd go for ~10.

If I was starting and I didn't feel recovered for a set of 10, I'd do 6, rest 30, then 8, rest 30, then 12 and then decrescendo my way down till I was done with that move.

Round 2 - I rowed a comparative snails pace and got my 1st 20 DU in a row.

I'd go into more detailed play-by-play, but I've already spent all my "Rambling Coach" points today.

Cain said...

No man! Always welcome to ramble! Thanks for the wisdom.

Mike T said...

Mike T 37:59 (4 Scales) not 3

Mandi said...

On-Ramp WOD #3
10 Medball Cleans
10 Push-ups

Kevin 4:55
Susan 4:57
Renata 7:29

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...


Forgot to rest in b/w!
subbed a run for the row.
ROM on HSPUs was down till my head touched 5 textbooks. Textbooks are my unit of measurent for HSPUS