Thursday 7/1/10



Split Jerk


Compare to 1/5/10

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Bad-ass CrossFit Diesel athletes can crank out the reps and look good for the camera. I think that qualifies as "Coordination" under the 10 General Physical Skills.


Unknown said...

Wow. Thanks Mandi...

Evan said...

The picture and WOD choice where Mandi, but when I posted it, I couldn't resist a little editorial "color commentary".

Unknown said...

Great. So I look stupid AND the commentary highlights it.

Mandi, watch this video of Orlando doing one armed Fran:

Mandi said...

Sweet video find John! As the "pull-up Nazi" they were a little low. However, that was truly a stellar performance. He made the Thrusters look easy...unreal.
When are you going to duplicate this?!?! My camera is ready.

Evan said...

Tyler - 275 pr!
Evan - 225 tie PR
John M - 205 PR!
Mike G - 185 PR!
Pat - 170 PR!
Dan - 165 tie PR
Vinu - 145
Sam - 145
Keith - 135 PR!
Mike - 95 PR!

Susan - 115
Deb - 80? PR? numbers not on board
Rachel - 75 PR!

"War Admiral" Winner of tonight's "Hound Pound" ... "Two may enter, One may leave..."

Unknown said...

Evan, you owe my friend Tyson 500 bucks or your dog. Unless you're willing to take Santa's Little Helper double or nothing tomorrow.

Evan said...

The "Money PIT" is favored 2:1 over "Santa's Little Helper" tomorrow, but Santa is Scrappy - I'll take the double-or-nothing!

Unknown said...

Just do us a favor and leave your gun at home. If you shoot your left leg this time, you won't be able to do pistols or a squat since you got the right one last week.

deb said...

yes, my max was 80 & it's a PR.